Helping you Care for Your Staff

Developing Happier, Healthier, More Positive Staff

About Us - Why Are We Different?

What sets us apart? These elements give us a unique approach to staff wellbeing.

  • Our surveys are geared for all staff, as all staff have an impact in a school.
  • The nature and structure of the survey gives staff a voice, allowing them an opportunity to provide honest and fair feedback to leadership.
  • We do the hard work of sifting through comments, and providing context to the graphs, charts and results, thereby freeing school leaders to utilise the key details.
  • We work with school leaders, building a trusted, personal relationship designed for the benefit of the principal and the school.
  • We communicate directly with staff through the process, with the support of school leadership, building trust, accuracy and engagement throughout the process.
  • Our unique approach gives us consistently high survey response rates, demonstrating the value of our process, and giving school leaders the data they need to make informed decisions.

Our Staff Are Working With You

Champ’s founder, Dave Shrowder, has over 20 years’ experience supporting schools and employees across Australia. His interest in schools started with providing income protection and health insurance to their staff, and this encouraged him to develop greater opportunities for staff care.

CHAMP’s Education Consultant, Craig Lieschke, has 40 years’ experience in schools, including a number of years in school leadership, with 23 as a Principal. Craig knows the day-to-day life of schools, and understands both the pressure of leadership and how caring for staff has a tangible impact on the whole community.

Office Manager Gemma brings her administrative and support skills to the fore to help you get everything you need from CHAMP Programs so that your school provides the best care it can for its staff.