Helping you Care for Your Staff

Developing Happier, Healthier, More Positive Staff

Why Do Schools Work With Us?

We work with schools that value their staff, working with leaders who have a mindset of looking after their best assets. As schools develop in their care for staff, they increasingly identify and address the problems that get in the way of people giving their best. Our surveys help identify a variety of wellbeing issues.

CHAMP Programs work with the data to provide an easy-to-use report for school leaders, so that they can make strategic changes to maximise the effectiveness of their school.

These reports highlight both the strengths and growth opportunities of the school – helping a school work to its unique strengths providing stability, security, and a platform for future success through caring for staff.

How We Work With Schools To Provide Quality Services:

  • A comprehensive and confidential online survey for all staff, not just teaching staff.
  • An avenue for staff voices
  • An insight into staff wellbeing factors
  • A detailed report for School Leadership, including Survey data, staff comments and CHAMP’s recommendations
  • Feedback and tailored report summary for staff
  • Positive affirmation of what is working well in the school
  • Data for leadership regarding their current situation, and their future planning
  • Tailored workshops which allow staff to expand issues raised and help leadership determine the next steps for positive change
  • Professional Development with CHAMP Program’s partners, to provide workshops, coaching, and growth in areas where support is needed or desired
  • Review surveys to identify successful changes, areas of further need, and to build continuous improvement

Our Program involves us working with the school principal every step of the way – building a relationship of trust, integrity and compassion with the aim of staff wellbeing improvement

CHAMP Program's 5 Step Process

Our process is simple, and easy to understand. All it takes is a commitment to our 5 steps of wellbeing growth.

  • Stage 1. Develop Employee Wellness, Support & Development Policy if none exists.
  • Stage 2 – Design and Implement Employee Wellness, Support and Development Survey, initially developed in conjunction with Dr Peggy Kern at The University of Melbourne, further refined by experienced school principals and leadership and wellbeing experts.
  • Stage 3 – Provide a report on the survey for school leadership.
  • Stage 4 – Consult with school leadership and staff to implement changes, training and development in line with the schools needs and budget.
  • Stage 5 – Evaluate progress, review and modify as required and return to stage 2 to continue to progress.

Why Work with Us?

  • We are an agile, professional team, able to respond to your needs.
  • We tailor our survey to your school, giving you information that matters to you.
  • Our survey is confidential, ensuring genuine and honest feedback.
  • A combined 60+ years of experience working in schools and with school leaders.

Benefits schools may experience from working with us:

  • Staff will know their leaders are interested in them and care for them.
  • Staff will become happier, healthier and more engaged, resulting in growing a more positive staff culture, bringing about better student outcomes.
  • A reduction in stress leave, absenteeism, presenteeism and quiet quitting.
  • Lower costs in recruitment and hiring of relief staff, and reduced workcover claims.

Schools We Have Worked With