Helping you Care for Your Staff

Developing Happier, Healthier, More Positive Staff

About Us - Why Are We Different?

What sets us apart? We believe that a number of different elements, when put together, give us a unique approach to staff wellbeing:
  • Our surveys are geared for staff only as all staff have an impact on a school’s effectiveness – teaching, admin, leadership, and ancillary staff.
  • The nature and structure of the survey gives staff a voice, allowing them an opportunity to provide honest and fair feedback to leadership.
  • As well as percentages in charts, a major part of the survey analysis deals with staff comments that give deeper meaning to the responses.
  • The survey questions and structure are designed in consultation with School Leadership to be tailored for each school.
  • School Leadership receive a comprehensive report outlining significant positive issues and areas of concern expressed by staff in the survey to allow implementation of real and effective change for their staff.
  • Wherever possible we launch the survey with a personal presentation to staff, who then receive an executive summary prepared in consultation with Leadership.
  • Our survey response rates are high as staff realise it is an opportunity to share feedback in a confidential, on-line manner, via a third party provider, compared to internal surveys.
  • We firmly believe in the importance of addressing wellbeing issues as well as giving staff mechanisms to cope with their current situations.
  • We provide an ongoing process with follow up workshops and review surveys to ensure staff wellbeing remains a high priority, and not just a one-off opportunity for staff to feel good.

Our Staff Are Working With You

CHAMP’s founder, Dave Shrowder, has had almost 20 years’ experience working with Lutheran Schools around Australia through administering the Lutheran Income Protection Plan (LIPP) and the Bupa Lutheran Corporate Health Insurance Plan.

CHAMP’s Education Consultant, Craig Lieschke, has had 40 years’ experience in Lutheran schools involving teaching and leadership/Principal. This experience allows Craig to provide in-depth context to school culture and survey responses.

As the Office Manager, Gemma provides the administration support to keep CHAMP Programs running smoothly.