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How Critical is Staff Wellbeing?

How are your staff going?

No, how are they REALLY going? Are they flourishing, surviving, or only just coping? And how do you know?

Issues such as “Quiet Quitting” and “Presenteeism” occur in workplaces everywhere. Burnt out staff are not only unable to give their best, but they impact the wellbeing and performance of those around them. These staff wellbeing problems exist even in schools where people are giving their best for students they love.

Workplaces worldwide have also realised that caring for staff is not only good for their staff – it is good for the organisation. Cared for staff in schools feel supported in caring for their students, resulting in improved student wellbeing, improved educational outcomes and a positive workplace culture.

The issue of staff wellbeing is an increasing focus for schools across Australia. Recent reports have demonstrated that teaching staff especially are at a dangerous level of feeling burnt out and are ready to leave the education sector. The situation is even more serious for graduate teachers in their first five years of teaching.

The good news is that CHAMP Programs can help. We work with school leadership teams to uncover wellbeing issues and implement changes that benefit staff at all levels of the school – from Leadership through to support staff. We understand that there is no one silver bullet to fix staff wellbeing, so we specialise in building relationships and providing resources that will serve your school well, both now and into the future.

What Motivates CHAMP Programs?

CHAMP Programs' focus is to:

  • Passionately help schools develop happier, healthier, more positive staff
  • Improve the wellbeing of each individual
  • Create a healthier, more positive work environment

CHAMP Programs gives school staff a voice:

  • So that real issues can be raised by staff in a safe and confidential manner
  • So that school leaders can work through these issues with the help of our experienced team
  • So that real positive changes that benefit staff, students and leaders can be implemented with integrity, ownership, and passion

CHAMP Programs believes that Staff Wellbeing is an ongoing process:

  • One off workshops frustrate both caring leaders and intelligent staff – they know that ongoing investment is needed to create meaningful change
  • CHAMP specialises in providing tailored resources and consultants that work with real issues in a timely manner.
  • CHAMP provides regular reviews so that school leaders, and staff, can evaluate the effectiveness of changes made

What our School Clients Have Said

Positive comments from School Principals:

School Principals have said that CHAMP Programs helped them lead well, and care for their team:
“As a Principal new to a school the Champ data has been extremely valuable. I had useful information regarding refining practice and consolidating the strengths of the college before the staff returned to school…. I feel that my first address to staff was more successful than it would have been without this data as I could demonstrate an understanding of what they care about…. It was also helpful to talk over the report and recommendations with Dave prior to speaking with staff. We tend to focus on any negative comments and want to fix as many as possible as soon as possible. Dave helped me see the positives which reminded me to spend at least as much time on these as we do the negatives.”
School Principals have said that CHAMP Programs helped their restructuring process:
“The Champ Programs survey was implemented at our school in late 2018 and the subsequent report… proved to be useful in guiding the recent restructure of our College leadership team. As a consequence, the wellbeing of staff was a strong consideration in the design of our new leadership structure, which was implemented at the start of 2020.”
School Principals have said that CHAMP Programs are both easy to work with and gives great insights:
“The Champ Programs survey was implemented at our school in 2021 and was invaluable as a new Principal to the school in gaining a sense of staff wellbeing and identifying areas for collaborative celebration, growth and focus as a school. The process in working with Dave and Craig was very warm, open and collaborative which helped us to constructively implement the process each step of the way.”

Schools We Have Worked With Include:

Want a More Positive and Engaging School Environment?

If you are interested in how CHAMP Programs can work with you to ensure your staff are an effective team, please contact us to find out more.

Helping You Care For Your Staff