Client Testimonies

Principal 1:

As a Principal new to a school the Champ data has been extremely valuable. I had useful information regarding refining practice and consolidating the strengths of the college before the staff returned to school. The gaps were evident and so were the things the staff felt passionate about. I feel that my first address to staff was more successful than it would have been without this data as I could demonstrate an understanding of what they care about. It also means that when the more vocal members of staff come to see me with “All the staff want us to …”. I can confidently reply with either;

“That is interesting as that was only raised by one or two staff, the majority were more concerned about XXXX”


“Yes, I saw that in the data and we have been discussing strategies in the leadership meeting. would you like to be part of a team that actions this?”


It was also helpful to talk over the report and recommendations with Dave prior to speaking with staff. We tend to focus on any negative comments and want to fix as many as possible as soon as possible. Dave helped me see the positives which reminded me to spend at least as much time on these as we do the negatives.

Principal 2:

The Champ Programs survey was implemented at our school in late 2018 and the subsequent report (along with other evidence) proved to be useful in guiding the recent restructure of our College leadership team. As a consequence, the wellbeing of staff was a strong consideration in the design of our new leadership structure, which was implemented at the start of 2020.