What is CHAMP Programs?


CHAMP’s founder, Dave Shrowder has had almost 20 years’ experience working with Lutheran Schools around Australia through administering the Lutheran Income Protection Plan (LIPP) and the Bupa Lutheran Corporate Health Insurance Plan.


The seeds for CHAMP Programs were sown in 2010 when the LIPP insurer suggested early intervention might help claimants return to work more effectively. Dave realised that prevention of claims could be even more effective than early intervention, and the Employee Wellness, Support and Development Program has evolved from there.


The aim of CHAMP Program’s “Employee Wellness, Support and Development Program” is to help develop happier, healthier, more positive employees to encourage them to thrive and gain more enjoyment from their life.


CHAMP Programs work with schools through the following stages:

Stage 1. Develop Employee Wellness, Support & Development Policy if none exists.

Stage 2. Implement Employee Wellness, Support and Development Survey.

 Surveys will be analysed by Dr Peggy Kern of the Centre for Positive Psychology at Uni of Melbourne.

Stage 3. From the results of the Survey develop a program of modules that best suits the school’s needs and budget.

Stage 4. Implement the appropriate modules through qualified specialist providers.

Stage 5. Monitor progress, review and modify as required.